Payroll Outsourcing

Remuneration is an important factor in attracting and retaining employees. Trianon delivers personalised and flexible payroll management.

As a leading player in the Swiss market, Trianon can tailor payroll outsourcing solutions to your specific needs (languages, categories of employees, mobility, e-payslip, etc.).

Our staff will work with you and advise you on:
  • Setting up a solution adapted to your objectives
  • Day-to-day payroll management
  • Developing your configuration to improve your performance

Our services are primarily designed for midsize and large companies seeking personalised solutions to optimise procedures, rationalise costs and improve their HR communications.

Our solution

For a fixed monthly fee per employee, we take care of the full spectrum of tasks related to your payroll management.

Advantages of outsourcing

Payroll outsourcing offers an alternative for your human resources organisation.

Advantages :
  • Your HR team is free to focus on activities that deliver greater value
  • You retain control over all processes by spreading the risks associated with business continuity
  • You benefit from cutting-edge software which ensures high quality service (internal control system)
  • You have access to extensive expertise without the need to recruit qualified staff
  • Your employees benefit from dynamic employee communication on a monthly basis
  • You can take advantage of legal intelligence

A network of partners in Europe, the US and Canada

Trianon has been a member of the Payroll Services Alliance since 2011. This network of partners offers standardised services across the countries in which they operate.

Thanks to Payroll Services Alliance, you can rely on the unique combination of an international framework (one contract, harmonised service levels) with local country expertise (local service delivery, local legislation).  All members of the network are leading payroll service companies in their home markets (think global, act local).
The Payroll Services Alliance covers Europe, the US and Canada.
The Alliance partners are SD Worx (Western Europe), Aditro (Nordic), Ceridian (US, Canada and UK), Cintra (UK and Ireland), Elanor (Central and Western Europe), Seresco (Southern Europe) and Trianon (Switzerland).

Our advantages

Your partner management is much simpler, more efficient, and faster. We offer a unique combination of local services and international coordination.

We have established cross-border service models which offer you a consistent level of service quality across several countries. Your payroll in the Czech Republic for example will observe the same quality standards as it would in Germany.