Pension benefits are at the core of Trianon’s unique human resources administration model. We have developed a comprehensive suite of products and services to implement flexible solutions adapted to your challenges and objectives.

Services for Pension Funds

For pension institutions wishing to outsource their administrative management, Trianon offers the following services:

Technical and administrative management
  • Automated management with the client’s HR system
  • All information processing (changes, EHO withdrawals, claims, etc.)
Accounting and financial statements
  • Complete accounts management for the Pension Fund
  • Preparation of official documents
  • Management of direct relations with insureds
  • Communication via our Employee Benefits Center portal


Your occupational benefits institution and your companies can benefit from the advice and expertise of the lawyers and actuaries in our Advisory department. In particular, they can assist you:

  • to find a solution adapted to your own situation and goals
  • in the everyday tasks required for optimum management of your institution (actuarial analysis, legal intelligence, operating procedures, reinsurance analysis, and risk analysis).

Affiliation to our collective Foundations

The Collective Foundation Trianon offers Swiss companies a comprehensive suite of customised solutions to help them manage the challenges of employee benefits.

For companies whose employees are not covered by the Swiss AVS/AHV system, the International Collective Foundation Trianon offers solutions which are not subject to the constraints of Swiss occupational pension law.

The Fondation collective de prévoyance en faveur des notaires suisses (FCNS) is open to all self-employed notaries in Switzerland. This solution offers the advantage of transparency, competitive costs, individual asset management, and a team of specialist advisers enabling personalised treatment for self-employed notaries wishing to join an occupational benefits plan.

Willis Towers Watson and Trianon alliance: a pooled employee benefit expertise.

The introduction of new legal requirements, tasks and responsibilities means that pension funds are having to face up to new challenges. This is compounded by demographic changes, which is also changing the needs of employees. What impacts are these developments having on companies and their employee benefit solutions? How can companies make their pension plans more flexible and, what's more, without bringing about a large reduction in the level of benefits they provide or driving up costs further? Furthermore, how extensive is the influence being exerted by increasing regulations?

To answer these questions, pension foundation members and management need to have extensive knowhow of an economic, legal and administrative nature. They need sound figures and values to compare, management capacities for structural and organisational changes, a long-term strategic mindset and an overview of prevailing best practice in the market. What's more, they also require implementation expertise to ensure the efficient running of their pension fund administration.

By working together, Willis Towers Watson and Trianon can bundle their core competencies along the entire service chain. As these two leading companies have merged their know-how in modular form, companies can either receive all services in a harmonised manner or have support tailored to their individual needs.