Our Company

A human adventure

Trianon SA is a leading provider of human resources management in Switzerland. Founded in 1997 by independent partners, passionate and benefiting from extensive knowledge in their field of expertise, Trianon has grown strongly and has reached in 2013 the milestone of 100 employees. In January 2016, Trianon became a subsidiary of the Mobiliar Group (Swiss cooperative).

A unique solution

Thanks to the commitment and expertise of our team, we have developed a unique solution in Switzerland to control and enhance the management of your human capital.

Our advantages


A unique and strong partner to manage all your human resources outsourcing needs


Integrated and modular solutions at competitive, fixed prices


Optimised processes, cost savings and transparent communications


Easy interfacing with your management systems (SAP, Peoplesoft, Oracle, Hypervision, Workday, etc.)


Respect for your company values