Pension fund management and consulting

Which pension benefits scheme is best suited for your company’s needs? We advise you on your choice and assist you in its management.

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years of experience
experienced pension fund managers
actuaries and lawyers
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Your benefits

What are the advantages of entrusting your pension benefits to us?

  • Saving of time
  • Administrative performance and cost control
  • High quality service to insured members
  • Legal framework
  • Easier communication

Our strengths

Why should you trust us?

  • Competence and experience
  • Sustainability
  • High compliance level
  • Confidentiality and security
  • Proximity

Support & Tools

Combining experience and technology

  • Trianon Services Center
  • Business experts
  • Web platform
  • App MyTrianon
  • Availability


Pension fund management and consulting

Do you need advice on managing your pension fund? We offer you solutions tailored to your objectives! Together we will define the pension solution that best suits your needs. You can then rely on us for partial or complete management. We advise you and manage your pension fund activities for you, such as:

  • Supervision of execution of operational tasks
  • Control of execution of Board of Trustees decisions
  • Assistance to Board of Trustees in global risk management
  • Coordination between providers and executive body
  • Continuous training of Board of Trustees members
  • Communication to members

Our expertise allows you to concentrate on your core business.


We provide you with efficient and innovative tools. We are able to interface with several types of systems: SAP, Oracle, Workday, etc. Also discover our communication solutions developed in-house and hosted in Switzerland.

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Technologies image

Partners and attestations

La Fondation collective de prévoyance en faveur des notaires suisses (FCNS)

La Fondation collective de prévoyance en faveur des notaires suisses (FCNS) s’adresse à tous les notaires indépendants de Suisse. Les atouts principaux de cette solution sont sa transparence, ses coûts compétitifs, sa gestion de fortune individualisée et son équipe de conseillers spécialisés permettant le traitement personnalisé de chaque notaire indépendant souhaitant participer facultativement à la prévoyance professionnelle.

isae certification
Certification ISAE

Trianon se conforme au standard international ISAE 3402 qui atteste, sur une base annuelle, de l'existence et de l'efficacité des processus de contrôle interne liés aux prestations de services délivrées à ses clients.
ISAE 3402 Type II Payroll Outsourcing Services
ISAE 3402 Type II Benefits Administration Outsourcing
ISAE 3402 Type II Information Security

Partners and attestations