Privacy policy

This website is operated by Trianon SA ("Trianon"), whose registered office is at Chemin de la Redoute 54b, CH-1260 Nyon (Switzerland).

Trianon (“Trianon” or “We”) is committed to scrupulously respecting the privacy of users of its website and protecting their personal information.  We undertake to process any personal information that may be collected during the use of the Website in accordance with this Privacy Policy and in strict compliance with the Swiss Federal Data Protection Act of 19 June 1992.

1. Purpose and acceptance of these terms

  1. This Privacy Policy governs the processing of personal information about all users ("User" or "You") collected during visits to the website (“Website”) and/or the use of any of online services.
  2. These terms apply automatically and without exception to all Users of the Website and all Users of services offered via the Website.
  3. By visiting this Website or using any of the services You automatically accept and consent to these provisions. Consequently, if You do not agree to any of the terms of this Privacy Policy, You must leave the Website, refrain from using any online services and not provide any personal information.

2. Collecting and retaining your personal information

  1. Your personal information is collected when You fill out a form online or subscribe to some of the services offered. You undertake to provide requested personal information fully and accurately.
  2. Your personal information will only be disclosed to third parties with your prior permission.  We retain your information carefully and confidentially, using appropriate security, technical and organisational measures in accordance with standard practice. These measures are designed to protect your personal information against any interference, access or use by unauthorised third parties, although absolute confidentiality and security on the Internet can never be guaranteed.
  3. The Website may contain links to third-party websites which are not governed by this Privacy Policy. You access such sites at your own risk knowing that they will process your personal information in accordance with their own privacy policies. As a result, We do not accept any responsibility or liability for your use of such websites.
  4. Your personal information is only kept in identifiable form to the extent and for the time required for processing your request, and to the extent and for the time required by any services to which You have subscribed. It is then deleted from our files.
  5. We may retain your information after that time and disclose it to the competent authorities in accordance with applicable legal requirements, in particular in the event of suspicion of illegal activity and/or at the request of the authorities.

3. Use of tracking systems and cookies

  1. The Website uses proprietary analysis tools and analysis products developed by third parties, particularly Google Analytics, which use your browsing data, notably for the purpose of facilitating your browsing, improving and personalising services and compiling statistics on page viewings or other reports requested by your employer or pension fund.
  2. These tools operate by using cookies. A cookie is a file made up of a set of characters which is sent to your device when You browse a website. It enables the website to recognise You if You visit it again.
  3. Cookies are entirely anonymous and do not contain any personal information about the User. To find out more about Google’s privacy policy, We recommend that You visit their website :
  4. By using the Website, You agree to the processing of your browsing data by Google and/or Trianon on the terms and conditions and for the purposes outlined above.
  5. You can disable cookies at any time by altering the settings in your browser

4. Protection of your personal information

  1. Any personal information inserted in a form online and transferred electronically when You register or when You subscribe to services offered by Trianon (Newsletter, contact form, etc) are processed by Trianon in accordance with the applicable legal provisions. Trianon uses this information solely for the purposes of providing the services for which it is collected, or for its own use for statistical or promotional purposes (e.g. improving its offering) or other forecasting activities (e.g. the management of the Website).
  2. For any request relating to your personal data (in particular access to your data, their correction or deletion, etc.), you can contact If you no longer wish to receive our Newsletter, you can unsubscribe at any time by clicking on the link at the bottom of the e-mail.
  3. You agree to provide the requested personal information fully and accurately and to communicate any changes without delay.

5. Final provisions

  1. Trianon may amend this Privacy Policy at any time. All changes will take effect immediately for all Users, including those who have already accessed the Website and accepted the terms of this Privacy Policy.
  2. If any clause in this Privacy Policy is or becomes invalid or unenforceable, it will not impair the validity or enforceability of the remaining clauses. Should that be the case, the invalid or unenforceable clause shall be interpreted as closely as possible to its initial intention.
  3. The content of is intended for Swiss employers and pension funds. Thus, even if you access our site from a computer abroad, Swiss law is applicable.
  4. Any disputes arising out of or in connection with the collection or processing of data collected by Trianon via the Website shall be exclusively governed by and construed in accordance with Swiss law, to the exclusion of any other law or conflict of laws rules. The exclusive place of jurisdiction for any type of proceedings shall be the place of the registered office of Trianon.